Talk Tea Testimonies is a time to set free our worries, give voice to our hopes and breathe life into our dreams.


noun | tes ti mo ny
1. an open acknowledgment
2. a public profession of religious experience

Talk Tea Testimonies provides a community that functions as a safe space for women. We provide programming that can help nourish a woman who has felt abandoned, broken, lonely, and/or unsure. This programming also focuses on personal development, emotional development, and how to be the best version of yourself that your future will thank you for.

Talk Tea Testimonies reaffirms the notion that you don’t have to do this thing called life on your own.

Get to Know Tia

I thought that my life was going in one direction just to find out God had other plans. 

I experienced a major heartbreak which led to me feeling broken. Through the support, encouragement, and transparency of other women, I was on a path to healing. Soon I realized that other women needed a safe haven to share their tests turned testimonies. This revelation led to the birth of Talk Tea Testimonies.

I created Talk Tea Testimonies for women to release and relate to one another. My goal is to foster community and encourage personal growth with our faith in God as the foundation.

We are all worthy of telling our stories and having them heard. We all need to be seen and honored in the same way that we all need to breathe.”

Viola Davis

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