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Talk Tea Testimonies provides a community that functions as a safe space for women. The programming that Talk Tea Testimonies provide can help nourish a woman who has felt abandoned, broken, lonely, and/or unsure.

Our programming focuses on personal development, emotional development, and how to be the best version of yourself that your future will thank you for.

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Talk Tea Testimonies was created in mind for the woman who spends endless hours at brunch in the spotlight but secretly is fighting battles on her own. Talk Tea Testimonies reaffirms the notion that you don’t have to do this thing called life on your own.


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My first Talk Tea Testimonies event I attended was February 2019. The experience I had was like no other. It was amazing! I found it so empowering to be around many women (especially that looked like me) learning and sharing what was on our hearts. Also Tia is such a great host - she's warm and attentive. She makes sure you feel so welcomed! I was glad I met a lot of wonderful ladies and I cannot wait to attend another in person event soon!
Authentic, Inspirational, and Empowering! For me, the strength of Talk Tea Testimonies events have served as a safe space to share, listen and just be true to onself with the support of so many amazing uplifting women. The testimonies and messages presented by powerful speakers are communicated with a purpose to educate, empower and inspire. It achieves that and more!
The moment you walk in you’ll feel like family, the curated talks are so intentional. You will leave each event feeling renewed. With so much going on in this world, it’s important to find an outlet that feeds your soul. Also, you get to network with amazing people that are seeking God and becoming their best self. Plus, who doesn’t love tea?! What Tia is doing with Talk, Tea and Testimonies is seriously special.

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Your testimony is one of the most important stories that you could ever share with someone. Let’s gather, sip tea, and share our personal stories together.

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